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  • 1 Year Free Domain Registration
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  • 1 Year Free Domain Registration
  • Automatic SEO
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • 1 or 2 Years Free Domain Registration


  • Numerous excellent templates
  • Well-designed editor
  • Both in-house and Ecwid eCommerce
  • Numerous integrations
  • Free 14-day trial


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  • Wix Stores: Easy to start selling online
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The comparison of 10 builders of websites – July 2020

Site builders are a popular tool to start your online presence – without any technical knowledge at all. In 2020, you don’t have to know anything about how to code, host, optimize, work with pictures… Site builders are going to make the job done for you – you just have to pick some site builder to your liking, register in it, indicate your area of industry and pick the right template. After it, personify it with your data and – voila – your website is ready to be used. Now publish it. That is so simple.

Certainly, varying site builders have their own interface, pros & cons, ease of work and other related specific issues. Some allow creativity, some don’t. Some give you an awesome result, some will terrify you. Some products are still in use on the market, while others have been withdrawn from it (like Adobe Muse). We are all considering it below in our today’s article. 


Website builders to consider

Here they are, best website builders for your consideration (we have put the best of them on the top to simplify your choice):


  • Wix

  • Weebly

  • Shopify

  • Google Sites

  • Adobe Muse

  • Site123

  • Moonfruit

  • Webnode

  • Wordpress


Description of a website builder

This is one of the top website builders on the market yet so far. It is powerful for e-stores, landing pages, personal and business cards, catalogs, chats and forums, blogs, gallery type of sites, portfolio, and many others. The number of offered templates (differing from each other) is over 200 and it has the lowest pricing plan on the market. 


Pluses of this website builder:

  • This best website builder is tremendously easy for usage.

  • Fantastic flexibility and the number of settings you can do with every template. You can switch between the modes easily. 

  • Scheduled publications (highly useful for owners of blogs).

  • Nice e-commerce.

  • Online calculator and table sheets.

  • Images and video selection, as well as the host of useful widgets.

  • SEO and Promo tools – so you can affect your online efficacy and image.

  • Integration with AmoCRM.

  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth in every plan.

  • SSL security and HTTPS come for free.

  • Automated adaptability to mobile and tablet screens.

  • Backup and restore is possible in automated and manual modes. 



  • This website maker does not have Artificial Intelligence (yet) to help you build sites.


How much users of this website builder will pay:

It has a network of pricing plans, starting from 3.50 US dollars a month, ending with 15 – as you can see, even its highest-paid plan is much lower than middle or beginning ones of competitors, offering you quite the same or much better functionality for significantly more advantageous money.

Paying for a month, you are charged from 5 to 15 bucks (within its 4 subscription plans – Minimal, Basic, E-Store, and Pro). Paying for 3 months, you will get a discount of 5%. Doing it for 6 months, you are discounted -10%. For 12 months, get the price better at -20%. 24 months will move you to -30% price.


Description of a website builder Wix

Wix is one of the powerful site builders on the market. It can be lightly compared to uKit but definitely loses to it in the number of things that an average user can do to make their site to blossom. And – it has a hard interface flooded with so many options and buttons on one screen that regular users are often overwhelmed with all these and abandon it seeking for an easier interface – like uKit’s one. 



  • You can make a website fast using its Artificial Intelligence (and you can adjust the result after if the result of work of this one of website makers will not completely suit your vision)

  • It is very easy to work in its interface (once you got used to it).

  • It has functions of backup and restoration.



  • Not all templates of this website creator are mobile friendly by default – so before starting working with one, check out if it is.

  • Wix requires a really wide Internet connection and really powerful PC to smoothly work in – otherwise, it can load up to 5…30 minutes just to open the working interface (we’ve tried).

  • Nice for e-commerce and blogging (if you can live with the set limitations on the number of sub-levels to your website).

  • High-size images that are not automatically optimized to all screens and situations.

  • There are no absolutely unlimited plans and you can’t just normally live with the lowest-paid subscription plan, as it still has huge ad banners all over your website.

  • The app store of Wix is not actually offering apps – they are all as frames. 

  • Too easy SEO.

  • You can’t build large websites over 30 pages and expect them to be managed with ease. Especially it concerns e-stores, where everything must be managed manually (unlike Shopify site builder).

  • Too limited creativity – you can’t go beyond several offered fonts in each theme and make a really free positioning of elements.

  • You can’t export your site elsewhere. 

  • You cannot change the template to another without losing everything that you have done in the previous one. 


How much users of this software will pay:

Seems like Wix moves its pricing the way it wants to: just in May 2019, its initial plan was $4.50 a month. In June 2019, they have moved it up to $5 a month but in July 2019, they have downgraded it again to $4.50 a month. The same shifts were applied to all other plans – we’re just not accentuating on them to save space. So we are now writing this review based on what they have as of 07/01/2019.

‘Connect Domain’ for $4.50 a month: gives basics and their branding all over your pages.

‘Combo’ for $8.50 does nearly the same and removes branding.

‘Unlimited’ for $12.50 a month harshly limits you in storage, advertising money, and the number of hours of video you can place on your website.

‘VIP’ for $24.50 a month still won’t withdraw limitations on storage and only now gives the support of good quality and agility.

If you want e-commerce, pay your attention to the website creation’s three available plans in this area: for 17, 25, and 35 dollars a month. They still limit your storage (as if Wix really thinks that the storage space is something ultra-valuable in 2020) but free you from the commission for transactions.


Description of a website builder Weebly

Weebly is one of the most powerful site builders on the market. Yet, when we are digging deeper, it feels like it needs a lot of work to be done – its pros are almost completely outweighed by cons. It is good for the ease of use and personification works but it is bad because it does not have essential functions like backup and restore, and it is hard to work when it comes to change images. 



  • There is free usage.

  • This site builder is kinda cheap to get an online store – for €20 a month, you get a powerful store with nearly every feature that one may need during its usage.

  • You can switch between themes not losing anything that you have previously done in your personification. 

  • It is easy to work in. 

  • SEO guides are cool and SEO power is high.

  • It is ready to offer a nice amount of templates to start work with.



  • For some fuller customization, you’ll have to dig into the code, which expands your freedom of actions but narrows the applicability if you don’t know how to work with the code.

  • You can’t restore and backup. Don’t mess around. 

  • ADI is not present, like in Wix and other site builders.

  • Content management is hard in this website builder software.

  • It has a number of issues with the hardness of working with pictures.


How much users of this website builder will pay:

If you want just to play around – you can try a free plan (with harshly limited capabilities). For €5 a month, you can get and connect a free domain (when subscribed for a year), get SSL and extremely limited storage. For €10 a month, you can start a basic store. Well, it’s not even a store – it’s just buttons of payment and a shopping cart. For €20, now you’re actually receiving an online store with vast functionality. Adding to it extra €10, you receive the management of abandoned cart. 


Description of a website builder Shopify

It is the most powerful website building tool to work with e-stores: create, host, run, change, and manage in general. It is tuned to only e-commerce and that is why it does not have power for all other types of sites. But that’s okay if you only need this type of site.



  • You can build a super powerful web store in this simple website builder, which you won’t be able to have in any other site builder.

  • It is very easy to manage any number of pieces of merchandise – from dozens to thousands thanks to the inventory management system, which is done in the admin panel.



  • Costly easiest website builder. The most low-cost plan of subscription starts where the costliest plan of uKit ends. 

  • It is only tuned to make web stores. If you want to build something other, try another site builder for bigger power.

  • It will always charge you the commission for the financial operations. 


How much users of this website maker will pay:

For $29 a month, you can start with an online store, having most sought-for basic functions. 

To expand them and try the version of subscription, which most people choose amongst the other plans of Shopify, pay $79 a month. But if you want an even lower commission and more advanced stuff, try paying $299 a month – but that is relevant only if you’re running a really big store to make such a significant monthly payment (or $3,588 annually) of any added value and economically expedient. 


Description of a website builder Google Sites

Google Sites is the site builder, which is primarily oriented at small (we’d even say, tiny) websites, which are to be integrated with all Google’s products – from Gmail for mailing and calendar to set appointments to online documents, cloud storage, inbuilt security tools, the big data analysis, and the stuff. It will not be comfortable to build high-end complex websites in this tool – and so for the convenience, it should be put on the end of the list (but not for the functionality).



  • Price is affordable – according to many website builder reviews.

  • Great integration capabilities – and smooth too, as everything will be within one shell of Google.

  • Security is high.

  • Access for multiple contributors is easy, as well as scalability of the product.



  • Not user-friendly and distinguishes from most other site builders with an unusual interface, which is closely connected with the working area of most Google products (which do not boast with supreme convenience).

  • The general simplicity of the interface of this website builders company and the tasks that it is aimed at do not allow its users to be oriented at large-scale projects with many great-looking pages. It is more like Excel when you actually need Word. It offers limited design and you can’t dive into editing CSS or HTML. You nearly can’t edit the layouts or alter something, which goes beyond the predefined set of features. As an example, you can do menu vertical or horizontal but you can’t change it looks or to set the other type of menu, locating it at the bottom and making it disappearing during the scroll of the page. 

  • Too limited marketing features.

  • SEO is not boasting as well.


How much users of this website builder will pay:

To start with, you’re offered to pay 6 bucks a month for 8 basic tools. For 12 USD, you get approximately 1.5 times bigger options. For $25, you get 20+ features. 


Description of a website builder Adobe Muse

This platform was active until March 2018, when the last update to the system was made – after that, it was split into three platforms. Now, it has become more tuned at work for professionals in graphic design, offering packages of various Adobe apps on the monthly and yearly basis for individuals, businesses, and educational institutions. Adobe today is much more about working with pictures than about creating a website. 



  • In this web page builder, you can have access to three different tools, each for own type of site. But no matter what you do, it’ll be graphic-oriented, not functionality-oriented. 


Important minuses:

  • If you are not a pro in pictures and video enhancement and not focused on work in many Adobe apps, you shall choose another platform to build a website, as this is already not about website building but about working with pictures.

  • You cannot create powerful and functional sites and neither can you do online stores.


How much users of this website builder will pay:

Adobe Muse site builder is no longer in use – the last update to this product was in March 2018. Now the product has been split into three:

Adobe XD (perfect for complicated websites but it does not create the code automatically as Muse did). It has a ton of pricing plans divided into 4 large categories:

  • For individuals. Here they offer the price from $9.99 to $19.99 a month for ‘Photography’ depending on the space of storage. ‘Single App’ starts at a monthly price from $7.49 and ends at $31.49. ‘All apps’ plan per month costs from $52.99 to $79.49. ‘All Apps + Adobe Stock’ is offered for $82.98 a month.

  • For business. It is slightly easier and divided into two: ‘Single App’ for $33.99 and ‘All Apps’ for $79.99 a month.

  • For students and teachers. They have an access only to one plan ‘All Apps – Special Offer’ for $19.99 a month during the first year of usage and then – $29.99 during the second and consequential years.

  • For schools and universities, they offer three plans: for $34.99 a month per user, get access to the ‘All Apps’ plan. For $14.99 a month per user, get ‘Single App’. For $330.00 a year, get ‘All Apps’ per 1 shared device.

  • Adobe Portfolio (perfect to showcase your portfolios and other pieces of creative work). This type of subscription offers only two plans: for $9.99 a month, get a light portfolio with Photoshop and Lightroom access. For $52.99 a month, get a huge power of 12 creative apps at once.

  • Adobe Spark (ideal for 1-page sites like landing pages, newsletters, photo stories and akin). Spark offers three pricing options: for free (with access to thousands of free pictures online); for €12.09 for a month for individual use and €24.18 for a team (differs from a personal plan with the existence of admin panel for multiple users).


Description of a website builder Site123

This site builder is designed to cover simple tasks of users, not pushing them into the code (actually, forbidding it). Maybe you will be able to launch your website fast and effective, and it will be as beautiful as the selected template – but do not expect a deep personification or the same level of adjustment of things on the pages of your website. That’s a simple tool for simple tasks.


Pluses of this platform:

  • Marvelous support of users in website creation services and you can get a prompt answer on the live chat, which i is not a commonplace in the world of site builders, actually.

  • Mobile responsiveness of templates – of all of them, unlike Wix, which approaches selectively to this question.

  • The app market is available, which makes integration with much useful stuff for you easy and hassle-free. Aside from the embedded app market, you can’t go out to use third-party apps, which are not directly set to be integrated with Site123 – due to the impossibility to make their integration through the HTML code. But maybe you won’t have to thanks to many dozen of allowed apps in the app market. 

  • Its SEO can give you more than the average on the market. 

  • You’re almost unlimited in using languages – as this site builder supports over 50 languages of websites.

  • A free trial is possible.

  • Protect your website with a password. 

  • You aren’t limited in the number of pages you can have in the site (which is an often case with other site builders).



  • Just because you can build up your website pretty fast in this quick website builder based on one of many exciting templates, you pretty much can’t go too far in making your site too personal. Thus, Site123 site builder limits your striving to the maximum oeuvre. So, forget about HTML or CSS change. 

  • You cannot change a template once you go live with another one. In the case of need, just redesign everything from scratch.

  • You can’t do complex web store and solve complicated issues with this site builder – it’s good enough for simple issues.


How much users of this website builder will pay:

When you get at the page of pricing, you are offered to have only 2 plans of subscription: for 0 bucks (a free one), which will give you 500 Mb of storage space, small bandwidth a month, and a branded subdomain; and for $10.80 a month named ‘Premium’, which is going to give you a free cool domain for 12 months, 10 Gb storage and 5 Gb bandwidth along with e-commerce possibility. However, these two are not just all options, which are allowed in Site123 site builder – when you want to upgrade (and even read their FAQ to know more), you immediately discover that there are four packages: Basic ($10.80), Advanced ($16.80), Professional ($22.80), and Gold ($28.80) – prices in parentheses are indicated for 1 month of usage. None of them is actually displayed in the ‘Pricing’ page (the existing pricing plans do not cross in price and capacities they offer with those two named). What is it if not the deception of users? 


Description of a website builder Moonfruit

Moonfruit is not mentioned in 2020 simply because it is hopelessly outdated and can’t allow its users nearly anything, which the modern tools should. It does not have drag-and-drop, won’t make you happy with the power of its templates, won’t provide phone support or the power of widgets, it is not original and the SEO here is one of the worst we’ve ever seen in our lives in site builders. The designs it has all look amateur, and, basically, you just have to build everything from scratch whilst there are many decent options on the market out there waiting for you.


Pluses of Moonfruit:

  • The good thing about this one of not modern website builders – it does not limit you in bandwidth but it does limit you in storage (0.5/10 Gb only in its two plans).

  • Unlimited pages.

  • Excellent FAQ but it will drive you through a very limited functionality of this outdated site builder.


Minuses of this service:

  • In every subscription plan of the web builder, it offers the possibility to connect your domain – not saying that you have to buy this domain additionally elsewhere (or from them, for extra money). 

  • They are too aggressive on sales, not allowing you to do anything for no cost, pushing you too hard to buy, buy, buy… That’s hideous. 

  • It does not have content export or import.

  • It doesn’t have drag-and-drop.

  • You can’t create landing pages or to build forms/surveys for your users to fill in.

  • Online booking is absent.

  • Online store builder is not available in the first place.

  • Complicated to work in.


How much users of this website builder will pay:

When you are entering the pricing page for the first time in your life (or from the new browser with cleaned-up cookies), you can see a ‘limited-time’ offer, which (and we’re pretty sure in it) is shown to every new customer. It allows you to pay the same money for the ‘Professional’ plan as one would pay for ‘Basic’: $5.99 a month. This circumstance makes this site builder one of the cheapest on the market. 

However, the regular price for this option of subscription will be $11.99 (after the promo is over). 

It is not quite understood, though, why are they so oriented at sales – the pricing page is not directly shown in the online search and they don’t want you to stay on it longer than 1 second – as you find and open it, it redirects shortly to the main page, stipulating you to log in and pay for the subscription. Such behavior is of a greedy company and it actually largely repels from using their product.


Description of a website builder Webnode

This is one of the ‘below-market’ alternatives, which allows you to make a website but you really won’t be happy about its power. This site builder is kinda outdated, so you will have the site for sure but will it boost up your business or online image – that’s another question.


Pluses of this not advanced website builder:

  • You can make a website using this site builder but it will not look modern.


Minuses of this non-interactive website builder:

  • It largely limits its users in storage and bandwidth.

  • Its low-cost plan won’t provide you with a custom domain name unless you already have one bought elsewhere and now are just connecting it here. Or you can buy one from Webnode.

  • It does not give you backup unless you are opting for one of two its costliest plans.

  • The branding removed only in two highest plans (abandoning two others)!

  • The refund policy is tangled and it feels like you won’t get your money back. 


How much users of this site builder will pay:

‘Limited’ and ‘Mini’ for $3.95 and $5.95 a month accordingly won’t free you from the site builder’s commercial banners all over your site, as well as they won’t give you backups and a possibility to create a multilingual site. Two high-paid options called ‘Standard’ (for $11.95 a month) and ‘Profi’ (for $19.95 a month) will give you a poor online store, will still limit you in storage and – partially – bandwidth, give a good number of e-mail accounts, and add things like Google Analytics, backup and recovery, and multiple languages. 


Description of a website builder Wordpress

Wordpress is known to be the most powerful tool on the market to make websites of nearly any complexity. Surely, it will be impossible to create another Facebook or one more site builder using this site builder but you can cover 99.9% of your necessities, unlike other site builders, which cover only around 90…95%. There are two versions of Wordpress: and The first one is much more powerful and won’t allow you a site builder online – you’ll have to dig into the code on your own. Another version is about the simple and effective making of your website and it’ll cost you much cheaper. Let’s now talk about


Rated pluses of

  • You don’t have to know how to make code or host your website.

  • Cheap pricing.

  • Nice building possibilities. 


Minuses of

  • You won’t get all the power of adjustments that you would have with 


How much money users of this website builder will pay for its services:

€3 for ‘Blogger’ plan, €5 for ‘Personal’ site, €8 for ‘Premium’, €25 to run a ‘Business’, and €45 for a nice ‘E-Commerce’ with an online store.


What’s a builder of websites

A site builder is a tool working online and sometimes offline too, which allows you to make a website based on a pre-made template without the special technical knowledge of anything, using just drag-and-drop features to operate with a mouse. The simplicity of starting their own website has attracted millions of users globally – and they choose the fastness of creating a website and no need to make the code for a few dollars a month over the hard way of ordering a website in a studio. That’s why, as of today, there are over 1.5 billion sites exist globally (with around 200 million of them operating on a monthly basis).


What’s the difference to hire some person programmer and to use a tool developer online?

The human builder can:

  • Make just any website you need, without restrictions and limitations.

  • Not to take your money for the monthly running.

The human builder cannot:

  • Make it quick, cheap, and without bureaucracy.

Tool builder can:

  • Do it fast, for little money & with no embedded bureaucracy.

Tool builder cannot:

  • Elaborate just any site.

  • Give you total freedom of actions and changes.


Users of website builders

These are, as a rule, people, who:

  • Don’t have a clear vision of the future site and just have ideas of how it should look and what it shall do (and thus, can’t formulate the strict technical or user specification of the site they want to a web building studio)

  • Want to play around with the creation of own site – to figure out, whether they really want it or can create one

  • Do not want to deal with a web studio, as they don’t trust it or can’t pay so much money as the studio demands

  • Are assured that they can do everything on their own.

The most common reason is time and money – a studio will make a site somewhere between days and months, while you can do pretty much the same within hours, paying only 0.1-2% of the budget that studios want to devour. 


What you should look for in a modern website builder

  • Uptime. It is good when your visitors can find you online at any time of the day and year.

  • Load times. It is good for customer satisfaction and Google to index you high if all your pages load within 5 seconds max. The Speed of the loading of pages can be tested by numerous tools online.

  • Reliable customer support. Nobody is happy when the support can’t solve a problem, no matter what size it is. If you can’t rely on these guys – just stop using a site builder immediately (as the best solution to you, not an order from us). 

  • Valuable templates to start with. The faster you are going to personalize your site – the better.


Advice for users of website builders

  • Do not start working with those website makers, which do not offer honest pricing right from the start.

  • If you ponder, whether you need this or that functionality of a builder – abandon it. If you aren’t able to live without it, really – you can upgrade later.

  • Look for a modern website maker, where it would be comfortable to work specifically for you, not somebody.

  • Drag-and-drop’s ease and power are the main things, which will allow you to have a site fast.


Consumer feedback

  • Nathaniel about uKit: I wasn't disappointed with this building tool – it allowed me to start a blog and an online store of medium size to cross-sell between these two. I was able to connect to all my social network’s profiles (personal and business) and even to download some content from there to my blog.

  • Marcus about Wix: It is a powerful tool to make a portfolio site – to showcase tens of my works that I formed during the years of activity. Now I can sell online right through that site and I am pondering about the broadening of the plan of subscription for a costlier one to have more options.

  • Alejandro about Shopify: I’ve picked the initial plan and seems like it is perfectly enough for me. With sales of about 4 thousand dollars during the 1st month, I am perfectly happy about its start. Now I am connecting to social media and other sales networks to expand my sales.

  • Kane about Adobe Muse: This tool is not oriented on me – a regular user, who wanted to create a website fast. I only needed 10 pages and that’s it – but after 30 minutes of trying it, I found out it would be useful only for people professional in working with pictures and graphical type of data. That’s not what I wanted.

  • Elian about Moonfruit: This tool was in my attention for only 20 minutes until I’ve decided to shift to another tool. Why? It is completely outdated, won’t allow making anything good, looking as unprofessionally as it could be – as if started by amateurs. I don’t like the unprofessional approach, so I’ve simply abandoned its usage and went to Wix.


Industries’ best options for such software

Small business (without big online sales) is going to appreciate uKit and Wix. Bloggers recommended Weebly and uKit. Photographers can find Adobe products of their right need. E-commerce is going to gain the biggest power with Shopify. Professionals – ones who want to alter code and stuff – should connect to Wordpress. Mobile friendliness is good in Wix and uKit, as well as in Wordpress. Drag-and-drop has the easiest performance in Weebly and Google Sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I build my first website alone?

Yes. And you don’t have to have knowledge of coding, hosting, and other things like programming.


How much does it cost to launch a website from start to finish?

From 0 to 299 dollars a month – depending on what embedded power of functions you’re searching.


Mobile device responsiveness

Modern website makers support automatic mobile and tablet friendliness. AvoidSite123 and Moonfruit because of that.


Drag-and-drop editors

They are the basis for the work of website makers – you will find it at a high level in uKit, Wix, Shopify, Wordpress, Google Sites, and Weebly.